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This was the last day I spent with my little was the same day she passed away. I find it ironic that she left all of us, leaving the message (on her dress )to "Be Happy" Kayla was the happiest baby I know, always smiling and laughing. Her happiness lit up a whole room and spread among every person that came across her. Without her, a piece of my happiness was taken away. I feel sad and angry thinking about how it is so unfair and how many things Kayla and myself as a parent are going to miss. Aside from my sadness I have a sense of peace knowing that I helped create her happiness. I gave her my time and I did everything with her from parks and farms to simple walks or bike rides around the neighborhood. Without these times, I would have no memories. Without these memories I would not have any happiness without her. We hear it all the time...."children don't need more stuff....they need your time." I am telling you.....This couldn't be more true. We often think we need to make more money to buy this "stuff" and get caught in a viscous cycle of being too busy and too tired...that we often miss those opportunities to give our children our time. If this is the case, then we need to reevaluate our priorities in order to make this time, make these memories, and create this happiness....because you never know when it will be your last time 💔💕

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